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Wang Lixia Meets Hongkong Business Representatives

Date:2016-05-20 10:53

On the afternoon of May 12, Vice Governor Wang Lixia met with HongKong business representatives led by Qiu Hong, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HK SAR.

Wang Lixia first welcomed the guests for their attendance at the2016 SRIE & the 20thITFCEW. She said, Hongkong and Shaanxi province have made great progress in the economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges in recent years. The Shaanxi-Guangdong-Hongkong-Mocao Economic Cooperation Week, which has been successfully held five times, provides an effective platform for interaction and collaboration between enterprises of Hongkong and Shaanxi province to expand the area of cooperation and lift the level of cooperation. Shaanxi will continue to give full play to its superiority as the core area and important node of the“One Belt One Road”, to further promote the exchanges and cooperation between two sides in various fields for common development and mutual benefits.

HongKong business representatives stated that, there is a solid basis for cooperation between HongKong and Shaanxi province, with its talent resources in fields of financing, finance and law, HongKong wishes to provide professional services for enterprises of Shaanxi to go out, thereby working together to contribute to the establishment of the “One Belt One Road”.

Yao Chaoying, Director of the Commerce Department of Shaanxi Province, Yao Jinchuan, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, and Sun Liming, General Manager of Lishan Company Ltd., attended the meeting.