Zhuang Changxing meets guests from Cambodia

Date:2018-04-06 10:16

In the afternoon of March 28, Zhuang Changxing, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee and minister of the Publicity Department of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee met the visiting People’s Party delegation of Cambodia.

Zhuang briefed the delegation on the guiding principles proposed at the 19thCPC National Congress and the Two Sessions and introduced Shaanxi’s natural conditions, history and culture, economy and location. He noted that the friendship between China and Cambodia could be dated far back and the cooperation between the two sides in culture, tourism, economy and trade had been continuously expanded. He also expressed his hope that the delegation could have a productive experience in Shaanxi by getting a good understanding of the CPC in local level party construction, youth and Shaanxi’s history and culture.

The head of the Cambodia delegation expressed their gratitude to Shaanxi for the hospitality. He said, the delegation would try to understand the experience of the CPC in pushing forward grass-root level party construction and youth work in a serious manner so as to further step up mutual visits and exchange between the two sides.