Deputy Director-general of Shaanxi FAOKan Kaipei Meets with Chairman of French and German Shaanxi-originated Overseas Chinese Groups

Date:2016-11-30 09:29

On the morning of November 25, Kan Kaipei, Deputy Director-general of Shaanxi FAO, met with France-Shaanxi association Chairman Li Huan, Vice Chairman Shi Juan, and Bai Yu, Head of the association Xi’an Office.

On the morning of November 28, Deputy Director-general Kan met with Zhang Lei, Germany-Shaanxi association Chairman and Vice Chairman Zhao Xiao.

When meeting with France-Shaanxi Association delegation, Chairman Li Huan had a detailed introduction to France-Shaanxi Association, and the first “France-Shaanxi Cultural & Economic Exchange Day” held recently in Paris, France. Li hoped that France-Shaanxi Association could give a full play to the advantages, make contributions to the exchange and cooperation between Shaanxi and France. Shi Juan, Vice Chairman of France-Shaanxi association, Chairman of Association Culturelle Franco-Chinoise, introduced France-China cultural exchange and her experience in UNESCO. Shi hoped to facilitate Shaanxi Culture to “go out”.

It is reported that, Chairman Li confronted Tibetan separatists bravely, who plotted to jeopardize 2008 Olympic torch relay in France, which has safeguarded our national dignity.

When meeting with Germany-Shaanxi General Association group, Chairman Zhang spoke of his own stories. After graduating from Xi'an International Studies University, Zhang studied abroad and started his business in Germany. He accumulated human resources of Shaanxi fellowmen over the years, and after years’ preparation, Zhang established Shaanxi General Association in Frankfurt in February 2016. He hopes to take this opportunity to make his own contributions to the opening-up and “Belt and Road” initiative of his hometown. Zhang devoted himself to the economic construction of his hometown and invested tourism industry in Ningshan County. Meanwhile, he positively introduced Shaanxi General Association and other overseas Chinese to invest and develop in Shaanxi.

After making a detailed introduction to the preferential policies of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, overseas Chinese affairs work system of Shaanxi, and the assignment of responsibility of Shaanxi FAO, Deputy Director-general Kan Kaipei made several proposals. First, he welcomed the visit of the delegation. He said, we are willing to enhance exchange between the two sides, foster mutual understanding and keep a smooth communication channel by this chance. Second, he raised his hopes that leaders should group together overseas Shaanxi people. Kan said that our country is developing prosperously, and Shaanxi is undergoing profound changes as well, which have created a lot of opportunities. We should pay more attention to the development of our hometown, seek commercial opportunities actively, and fully involve ourselves to Shaanxi’s opening up and social construction.