2015 Sanqin Friendship Award Ceremony Held in Yangling

Date:2015-12-07 09:04

In the morning of November 5, 2015 Sanqin Friendship Award Ceremony was held in Yangling by the Provincial Government to commend 10 foreign experts who had made outstanding contributions to the economic construction and social development of Shaanxi province. Yao Yinliang, Executive Vice Governor and member of Shaanxi Provincial Party Standing Committee, and Sun Zhaohua, Deputy Director of State Foreign Expert Bureau, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Yao Yinliang said that Shaanxi has been making the introduction of foreign experts and intellectual assets an important measure in the strategy of strengthening the province with talents and had produced a series of policies to promote international talent exchanges and cooperation. In recent years, foreign experts in Shaanxi have made great contributions to the economic and social development of Shaanxi province. He stressed that Shaanxi will continue to optimize the mechanism of talent introduction, and that universities, research institutions and large enterprises are encouraged to hire foreign experts in such fields that are closely related to the social and economic development of Shaanxi, such as coal, oil and natural gas exploitation and further conversion, aerospace and aviation, electronic information, and bio-pharmaceuticals, etc. More foreign experts, overseas Chinese and friends from abroad are welcomed to start their businesses, realize their innovations in Shaanxi, to participate in various ways in building a beautiful, prosperous and harmonious Shaanxi, and to write a new page in the history of Shaanxi’s development together with Shaanxi people in the process of building the Belt and Road and implementing the strategy of “pursue and surpass.”

Sun Zhaohua said that the State Foreign Expert Bureau will as always increase its support to Shaanxi’s efforts in the introduction of foreign experts and intellectual assets and give favorable conditions in terms of policies, projects, capital, technologies and talents to boost the economic transformation and upgrade as well as leap-frog development of Shaanxi province.

Set up in 1999, Sanqin Friendship Award is the highest honor the provincial government gives to foreign experts in Shaanxi. So far, there have been 117 winners of this award. During the period of the 12th Five-year Plan, six foreign experts in Shaanxi had entered the list of the national “1000 Foreign Expert Plan” program, and six foreign experts had won the national Friendship Award.

Yao Yinliang Addressing the Award Ceremony

Yao presenting trophies and certificates to winners

Yao Yinliang (center) taking group photo with award winners

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony