Shaanxi to Implement 10 Key Consumption Promotion Projects in the “13th Five-Year Plan” Period

Date:2016-03-15 08:58

The reporter was informed by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce that in the “13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20)” period, Shaanxi will implement 10 key projects to promote integrative and mutual development of online and offline consumption in various fields, continuously raise the level of consumer convenience, expand the scale of consumption, and strengthen the driving force of consumption.

E-commerce demonstration building project: by 2020, Shaanxi will incubate another 10 provincial demonstration zones, 30-40 provincial demonstration enterprises and a batch of demonstration counties (cities/districts), improve the e-commerce industry chain, create an e-commerce cluster based on industrial parks, and promote the e-commerce development level in counties.

Traditional brand enterprise networking project: Shaanxi will support large-scale retail enterprises, China’s time-honored brand enterprises, “Shaanxi brand products”, “Shaanxi service brands” and “Shaanxi famous trademark” enterprises to set up sales sections on famous network platforms.

Rural e-commerce comprehensive demonstration project: Shaanxi will address constraints such as backward logistics facilities, shortage of talents and wrong information in 15 old revolutionary base counties in northern Shaanxi to improve rural e-commerce development conditions, stimulate rural consumptions, and promote sales of farm products.

E-commerce personnel training project: Shaanxi will carry out accurate training promgrams by different levels for government staff, enterprise managers and entrepreneurs, to ease shortage of e-commerce talents.

Real estate brand promotion project: Shaanxi will organize and carry out itinerant exhibition of famous real estate brands and trade promotion activities, support real estate brand enterprises to build “Shaanxi famous real estate brand promotion and demonstration stores” inside and outside Shaanxi, and build “Shaanxi famous real estate brand exhibition and sales sections” in other provincial capitals and municipalities.

Above-designated-size enterprise incubation project: Shaanxi will appropriately reward large-scale commodity trading markets with annual turnover above RMB 2 billion (northern and southern Shaanxi: RMB 500 million) and with newly-built centralized cashier information platforms and included in statistics above designated size, individual businesses converted into enterprises above designated size, and “rural inns” above designated size.

Festival exhibition-based consumption promotion project: Shaanxi will support the construction of Xi’an Silk Road International Convention & Exhibition Center and build Xi’an into a famous convention and exhibition city with global influence, and support planning and construction of regional and special exhibition halls in Baoji, Weinan, Yulin, Hanzhong, Yangling and other cities or districts.

Islamic product international market promotion project: Shaanxi will give play to its unique advantages to strengthen international market development for halal food, textiles, ornaments, daily necessities as well as product certification, enterprise incubation and staff training for those Islamic states and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and strive to incubate 100 profitable Islamic product export-oriented enterprises in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period.

Tourist consumption market expansion project: Shaanxi will attract domestic and foreign tourism enterprises and investment institutions to participate in the construction of its tourist market. By 2017, Shaanxi will build 100 car camps to meet individual and self-driving tourist market demands. In the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Shaanxi will build 5 state-level tourist resorts and 10 provincial tourist resorts. By 2020, it will have built at least 15 AAAA-class scenic spots.

Tourist consumption promotion and service improvement project: Shaanxi will vigorously develop “internet + tourism”. By 2020, all AAAA-class and above scenic spots, three-star and above hotels, and major tourist activity places in Shaanxi will be covered by free WiFi, smart guide, electronic instruction, information push, etc.