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Practicing Great Power Diplomacy Reflecting Shaanxi Charm

Date:2018-02-09 16:44

 Recently,French President Emmanuel Macron’s choice of making Xi’an as the first leg of his state visit to China has caused international attention. In his meeting with Party Secretary of Shaanxi Mr. Hu Heping, Macron said that he chose Xi’an as his first stop because Shaanxi is the hometown of President Xi, and this is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. This is the first state level reception for Shaanxi since the conclusion of 19thParty Congress, hence named the first “Heads of State Hometown Diplomacy” in 2018.

Site seeing folk culture performance, visiting Museum of Terra-cotta Army, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque of Huajue Lane and delivering speech in Daming Palace. These are the activities ofPresident Emmanuel Macron in Xi’an, the well organized6-hour schedule has fully reflected his appreciation to Chinese civilization and great importance attached to the “Belt and Road” initiative.

At 8:30am, Jan. 8th, PresidentEmmanuel Macron’s airplane landed on Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. Upon his arrival, hundreds of drum dancers began to play, showcasing the charm of Shaanxi’s folk culture.

At the Terra-cotta Army Museum, Party Secretary Hu Heping accompanied Macron for the visit. Hu welcomed Macron and introduced Shaanxi Province.He said Shaanxi is engaging in frequent exchanges with France, the two sides have close cooperation in areas such as aviation, public health, culture and electronic elements. He hopes, through the visit of President Macron, the two sides can carry out more cooperation in various fields.

Macron said he was impressed by Shaanxi and hopes to deepen cooperation with Shaanxi in trade, science, medical service and agriculture. Hu sent Macron a painting album of the Mausoleum of the Emperor Qinshihuang at the end of the visit.

Macron wrote on the notebook of the museum after his visit:

Thank you for hosting us in this splendid historical site, this underground army deserves the honor of the Eighth Wonder of the World. They have shown us the great achievement made by the Emperor Qinshihuang of unifying the country in Xi’an. Hope these silent warriors provide us with power and inspirations in future.

Best regards!


January 8, 2018

President Macron also visited the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Da Ci’en Temple, and the Great Mosque of Huajue Lane. The two represent the culture of Buddhism and Islamism respectively. “It is the clash and exchange of east and west culture”, said by Yao Hongjuan, Director General of Shaanxi FAO.

In the afternoon, the President went to Daming Palace Park and delivered a speech. Macron said he pins high hope on China-France relations, China and France should strengthen their cooperation in areas such as education, economy, clean energy, economy and etc. He encourages more Chinese students to study French, and through their efforts, promoting culture exchange between the two sides.

President Macron’s visit in Xi’an concluded successfully, and this can not be achieved without the full preparation of the local staff

As soon as getting the task, Shaanxi FAO staff made full preparations and coordinated with the French advance team on the time and route of the visit. Shaanxi FAO updated the information to Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPC, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on a frequent basis, and completed the reception successfully.