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Lou Qingjian and Hu Heping visits Shaanxi Hall at China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair(CAF)

Date:2017-01-17 15:50

Mr. Lou Qinjian, Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, and Governor Hu Heping visiting the pavilion of Xixian New Area in Modern Featured Agriculture Hall in the morning of November 5

In the morning of November 5, Mr. Lou Qinjian, Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC, and Governor Hu Heping visited all pavilions of Shaanxi at the 23th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair (CAF)

There were 4 indoor halls and 6 outdoor observation areas at the fair. Hall C covered an area of 15,000 square meters with 470 standard booths, which displayed the featured products from various cities of Shaanxi province, new technologies of water conservancy, brands of rural tourism, and women's handicrafts, etc. Numerous guests and businessmen from home and abroad were attracted to visit.

With a huge column decorated with Kiwi fruit, Xi’an exhibition area caught eyes. Lou and Hu first came here to see grapes, melons, flowers and other exhibits, and asked in detail about the production, prices, sales and so on. In Weinan exhibition area full of wild pearl eggs, Dali dates, Qiachuan pomegranates, Heyang selenium-rich millet and other distinctive agricultural products, Lou and Hu watched while walking, communicated with the comrades from Xi’an Municipal Party Committee at times, and required for the acceleration of agricultural modernization with characteristics by the method of standardization and intensificationto make the local brand better and stronger and lead farmers to get rich. Subsequently, in Xianyang exhibition area, Lou Qinjian and Hu Heping watched the demonstration of trace-ability system of agricultural products in the front of the big screen. He emphasized that relying on scientific and technological advantages and methods, such as big data and the Internet, we should comprehensively increase food security from the field to the table.

In Yan'an exhibition area, Lou Qinjian and Hu Heping tasted a slice of Luochuan unbagged apple, and praised the apples for its great taste and washiness which reduced labor cost and returned to nature. During the tour, Lou Qinjian and Hu Heping also paid visits to Pavilions of Baoji, Shangluo, Yulin, Ankang, Yangling, Tongchuan, Xixian New District, Hancheng and Shaanxi Water Conservancy and women's handicrafts. They learned about not only the research and development but also the marketing and sales of the new products one by one. They checked Hanjiang to Weihe River Project and the achievement of Rural tourism development and demanded for constantly updating ideas and innovative forms to better promote agricultural technology, accelerate the pace of agricultural "going out", and effectively enhance the strength of regional economic development.

The visit was accompanied by, among others, Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPPCC Han Yong, Shaanxi Provincial Standing Committee Wei Minzhou, Yao Yinliang, Liu Xiaoyan, Vice Governor Feng Xinzhu.