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Lou Qinjian and Hu Heping Meets with Guinean President Condé

Date:2016-12-14 15:49

Mr. Lou Qinjian, Shaanxi Provincial Party Secretary, and Governor Hu Heping met with Guinean President Condé who were on a state visit to China in Xi'an in the afternoon of October 28

Lou Qinjian and Hu Heping extended warm welcome to President Condé and his party. Lou Qinjian said, located in the geographical geometric center of China, Shaanxi is an important birthplace of Chinese nation, with multitudinous spiritual and natural identification of Chinese civilization, revolution, and geography. In recent years, having seized the opportunity of the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, we make better use of our advantages, accelerate the pace of opening up, and maintain a good momentum of the whole development of Shaanxi province. Guinea and Shaanxi have great complementarities. We will earnestly implement the consensus reached by the heads of two countries, further deepen our cooperation with Guinea and support more Shaanxi enterprises to invest in Guinea. At the same time, we hope that other related parties would increase their support and give advice to demonstration project to Shaanxi and forge a cooperation platform.

Condé said that Guinea and China have a long history of friendly relations, and have a great potential of cooperation. Guinea would like to take Shaanxi as a window of cooperation, and support Shaanxi enterprises to participate in the development of water conservancy, mineral resources and agriculture in Guinea to play an important role in developing friendly relations between Guinea and China.

Also present at the meeting included Ms. Liu Xiaoyan, member of Shaanxi Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary-General of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee; Ms. Zhu Jingzhi, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress and Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Peasants 'and Workers' Party; Mr. Chen Guoqiang, Secretary-General of Shaanxi Provincial Government; Mr. Zhang Baowen, Director of Shaanxi provincial Foreign Affairs Office; Director of Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission Fang Weifeng, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce Zhao Runmin , Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Liaison Office Wang mingli, Chairman of Shaanxi Construction Group Liu Yaohua, General Manager of Sinohydro Bureau 3 co., LTD Zhang Yuming.