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Feng Xinzhu Met with the delegation of Antwerp Provincial Government, Belgium

Date:2016-10-11 15:37

Vice Governor Feng Xinzhu met with Keller, vice governor of Antwerp,Belgium

On September 8, Feng Xinzhu met with Ludwig Keller’s delegation. Both sides signed theMemorandum Between Shaanxi province of China and Antwerp Province of Belgium.

Leaders of Shaanxi, China, and Antwerp, Belgium, attended the signing ceremony of the Memorandum

Feng said Shaanxi has a long history of agriculture and rich agricultural resources, as well as serves as the largest fruit production province in China. Especially the national-level Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone has gathered many agricultural technology experts and professional colleges and universities, cultivated large numbers of agricultural talents and entrepreneurs, and become an important platform for international agricultural science and technology cooperation. Feng hoped to strengthen the cooperation with Belgium in agricultural technology, people-to-people exchanges, economy and trade, etc., and promote the development of both sides.

Vice governor Feng Xinzhu and his counterpart Keller jointly signed the memorandum

Keller expressed, Antwerp and Shaanxi have complementary advantages and a broad space in developing modern agriculture. He also hoped this visit can promote the mutual development in agricultural science & technology and logistics together with Shaanxi.

Guests of both sides who attended the signing ceremony took a group photo

Xue Jianxing, vice secretary general of Shaanxi Provincial Government, Xue Hua, chairman of China Council for Promotion of International Trade Shaanxi Committee, Zhang Jianguo, full-time vice chairman of Shaanxi People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Chen Wen, chief economic manager of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Agriculture, Zhai Junjie, vice chairman of Shaanxi Federation of Industry & Commerce, and Liu Tianxiong, vice director of Yangling Administrative Committee, jointly attended the meeting.