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Liang Gui Met with the High-Level Visit Delegation of Hong Kong Media

Date:2016-09-09 15:36

On August 17, Liang Gui, member of standing committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, and director of Propaganda Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, met with the high-level visit delegation of Hong Kong media led by Yang Yong, editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Bauhinia Magazine in Xi’an.

On behalf of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Shaanxi Provincial Government, Liang Gui firstly expressed his welcome to the delegation’s visit to Shaanxi, extended gratitude to all media for their long-term support and attention to Shaanxi, and briefly introduced Shaanxi's conditions and the economic and social development situation. He said that Hong Kong media is an important platform for Shaanxi to “go out”, he hoped Hong Kong media can learn more about the development and changes in Shaanxi, tell the story of Shaanxi, spread the Shaanxi culture, give valuable advice to the development of Shaanxi, and further promote the exchange and cooperation in different fields of both places.

Yang Yong said that the profound culture of Shaanxi had left a deep impression to the delegation. Hong Kong media will take this activity as an opportunity to exert their advantages, enhance the propaganda of Shaanxi, and report the new image and new changes of Shaanxi, to enable the outside world have a comprehensive and better understanding of Shaanxi.

This visit to Shaanxi of the high-level visit delegation of Hong Kong media aimed to make publicity of Shaanxi and make an interview and report of Shaanxi Culture of the new starting point of the Silk Road. Senior management and journalists of ten well-known media including Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Ta-kung Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Bauhinia Network, and Knowledge Magazine, will make a week-long interview in Shaanxi.

Li Wei, vice director ofPropaganda Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Kan Kaipei, vice director of the Shaanxi Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and Zhou Weijun, director of Shaanxi External Propaganda Work Office, attended the meeting.