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Third Silk Road International Arts Festival Opens

Date:2016-09-12 09:25

In the evening of Sept. 7, the third Silk Road International Arts Festival saw its grandly opening. Liang Gui, Member ofthe Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPC, Director-general of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Publicity, addressed the audience and declared the opening. An Qiyuan, Former Party Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPC, and Zhou Heping, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture, attended the activity.

Liang Gui saidSilk Road International Arts Festival is a national art event featuring silk road culture. It has been held successfully for two sessions and begins to play a more important role in facilitating people to people exchange. It has become an important platform to carry forward silk road spirit and increase cultural exchange. 80 “Belt and Road Initiative” related and relevant countries and representatives from 13 provinces and districts attended activities in the Arts Festival, putting up 200 shows including theatrical performances, art exhibition, and culture forum. Liang said, Shaanxi is an important window to connect China with the world. Ancient Silk Road opened in Han Dynasty is still serving as a strong bond connecting east and west. In recent years, Shaanxi has taken the initiative of “Belt and Road”, and is embracing the world with a more open mind. Shaanxi welcomes countries along the silk road to make more contributions to the prosperity of “Belt and Road”.

An concert entitled “Silk Road Chapter” was held after the opening ceremony.