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The heads of Shaanxi FAO express their solicitude to the residents with financial difficulties in Yangxiang County, Hanzhong

Date:2016-02-12 16:10

On February 2,ZhangBaowen,Director-gerneral of Shaanxi FAO, led 24 representatives of carder and staff to come to Guhunmiao Village,Yangxiang County, Hanzhong for expressing solicitude to the residents with financial difficulties there, in spite of the cold weather.YaoHongjuan,GongGuijun,KanKaipei,Deputy Director-general as well as Deputy Inspector LiAnjun of Shaanxi FAO and ZhangFeng, Deputy County Chief of Yangxian County Government attended the event.After event, Zhang with his group members checked the clinic construction which was donated by America Herald Fund before visited Black Rice Distillery of Yangxian County.

Director-general Zhang

On 12:30pm, the staff of FAO came to the yard of Village Committee, Director-General Zhang handed 200yuan cash and 200yuan goods to disable JiChouwa;Deputy Director-general YaoHongjuan sent the coat to HeHaisheng; Deputy Director-general GongGuijun prepared sweet candy, toys for the kids of JiGuishan; Deputy President of Shaanxi Friendship Association ZhangJianguo gave a Xifeng liquor to XueYuanchao, who said “Thanks a lot for the leaders. I am more than 50 this year, but it will be first time I could drink such good liquor”. Each family could have 400yuan (includes goods),besides there were 400iterms over rice, flour, edible oil, clothes, quilts, and the others.

At the panel discussion,Director-general Zhang pointed out that we FAO are carrying out the plan—help the poor by accurate way which is made by party committee and provincial government. We are going to have each staff be aware of the importance of helping the poor as well as do our best to let more foreign gusts and overseas Chinese to know what we are doing here for bringing in some able projects and funds so as to help the poor and the county in the future as a large.

Deputy county chief, ZhangFeng said on the forum that he thanked what FAO had done to the village and the village had been changed well and the living standard for the villages has been improved. But there still have some difficulties which needs help from FAO and hoped FAO could make efforts with the county, township and the village hand in hand for bring about a fundamental improvement in the living standard of the village as well.

YaoHongjuan,Deputy Director-general at the Focus group

KanKaipei, Deputy Director-general

ZhangJun,Deputy County Chief

Discussing over the help the poor plan with the carders coming from the county, township and the village

YaoHongjuan,Deputy Director-general, provides the relief to residents

GongGuijun, Deputy Director-general

LiAnjun,Deputy Inspector

Visiting the Black Rice Distillery

Purification system for water

Equipment for brewing