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FAO Staff on a Voluntary Tree Planting Trip

Date:2016-03-18 09:53

On March 12th, led by deputy DG Madam Yao Hongjuan, FAO staff and their family went for a tree planting trip as part of the “2016 Tree Trading‘1+1’ , Beautifying the Qinling Mountain” activity organized by Shaanxi Provincial Women’s Federation, Environmental Protection Department, Women’s Work Committee of Provincial Agencies and the Provincial Mothers’ Volunteers Association.

It was a breezy spring dayon the southern bank of the Weihe River. The banner reading “Creating a forest city, Building a beautiful town of painting” was striking where the trees were planted. After proper fixing, the tree seedlings stood high to form a groove. Everyone started action as soon as they got off the car, busy with carrying the sapling, digging holes, or throwing earth to bury the roots.Dozens of cottonwood trees stood on the bank of the Weihe River in no time. Two small kids aged 4-5 years kept themselves busy and excited by juggling between carrying saplings and digging holes, shoveling earth and watering. Soon they got sand all over and face mudded. Their mothers were excited, saying that it’s good for kids to plant trees, which makes them green-loving, nature-loving and labor loving. Although it’s not that they planted a lot of trees, everyone was happy about doing what they can to make the banks of Weihe River greener and the city prettier.

Deputy DG of the FAO Madam Yao Hongjuan working on a hole

Scene of tree planting

Little man carrying a big tree

Tree planting gets kids busy.

Photos of all participating staff and their family