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The Provincial Office of Government Work Assessment Came to Shaanxi Foreign Affairs Office to Evaluate the Task Performance of 2015

Date:2016-01-15 15:06

In the morning of January 8, the 6th work group of the Provincial Office of Government Work Assessment came to Shaanxi Foreign Affairs Office to evaluate the task performance of 2015. Mr. Zhang Baowen, Secretary of the leading Party Group and Director of FAO moderated the conference and delivered the work report. Mr. Zhou Yaosheng, head of the 6thwork group briefed the conference on the assessment procedure.

Mr. Zhou Yaosheng, head of the 6thwork group of the Provincial Office of Government Work Assessment, briefed the conference on the assessment procedure

Zhou stressed that we have to interpret the assessment standard accurately and have greater sense of responsibility toward the assessment. We have to put our achievements in perspective and carefully find out the problems we still have. We need to turn the pressure into motivation to push for a change of work style. We have to develop full democracy and voluntarily accept the evaluation from the mass and the public so that the assessment result can better reflect the public opinion and the will of the people and is able to promote full implementation the provincial Party Committee and Provincial government’s work plan of 2016.

Mr. Zhang Baowen, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, moderated the conference and delivered work report

Zhang Baowen said in his report that in 2015 FAO has successfully accomplished all the tasks assigned by the provincial party committee, the provincial government and central ministries and has made our contributions to the building of a beautiful, prosperous and harmonious Shaanxi. We have brought into full play all the resources we have in terms of foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs, actively supported the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative and spared no efforts in serving the overall diplomacy of the country and the social and economic development of the province. We conscientiously performed our duty of foreign affairs administration, instructed and coordinated major events concerning foreign affairs and foreign nationals, realized a breakthrough in establishing foreign consulates in Xi’an, continuously increased publicity and promotion of the province and further improved the international influence of Shaanxi. We have successfully received major delegations of Party guests and national guests and the foreign affairs reception standard of our province has been further improved. We have witnessed a promising momentum in developing new sister cities and provinces and have furthered exchanges and cooperation in various aspects including trade and commerce, science and technologies, culture and education, etc. We have attached great importance in cultivating overseas Chinese resources, provided guidance to Chinese and overseas Chinese to safeguard their rights in accordance with the laws, and carried forward steadily the work of uniting the will and strength of overseas Chinese by offering help and aid to the communities.

Deputy Director of FAO Yao Hongjuan, Gong Guijun, Yao Jinchuan and Kan Kaipei, Vice Chairman of Shaanxi People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Zhang Jianguo, Associate Counsel Li Anjun and the whole staff of FAO attended the conference.

The work group reviewing the work documents

Public assessment voting

All the staff are participating the public assessment conference.