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Governor Lou Qinjian Attended and Addressed the 11th Beijing-Tokyo Forum in Beijing

Date:2015-11-04 14:19

On October 24th, the 11thBeijing-Tokyo Forum was unveiled in Beijing. Governor Lou Qinjian of Shaanxi Province attended and addressed the opening ceremony on invitation. Before the opening ceremony, Yu Zhengsheng, Chairman of the 12thCPPCC National Committee and member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPCCC, met with the representatives to the Forum. Tang Jiaxuan, former state councilor, also attended the reception. Governor Lou met with Yamada Keiji, Governor of Kyoto, Japan, and his delegation during the forum.

Co-founded by China Daily and Japan's Genron NPO in 2005, the Beijing-Tokyo Forum alternates between Beijing and Tokyo each year. This year, the forum was co-sponsored by GIPG and Genron NPO with the theme of“Difficulties and Methods: how to develop a stable and healthy relationship between China and Japan in the long run.More than 500 guests from Chinese and Japanese politics, commerce, diplomacy and national security attended the meeting. Jiang Jianguo, Director of China’s State Council Information Office, Zhao Qizheng, former director of CPPCC National Committee, Yasuo Fukuda, former Japanese Prime Minister and Kite Masahito, Japanese Ambassador to China, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

Governor Lou said in his speech that peace and development has become an irreversible trend of the present times in the context of economic globalization. The friendship and cooperation between China and Japan is the common goal for the peoples of the two countries. We have to remember the history, cherish peace and face forward to the future so as to promote the friendship between the Chinese and Japanese people to further levels. Shaanxi Province is where the friendship between China and Japan started. In recent years, the people and economic exchanges between Shaanxi and Japan have made substantive progress. We would like to further strengthen the pragmatic cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, mutual benefit and reciprocity. First, we shall share our experiences in ecological protection and environmental management accumulated in years of practice and collaborate on projects and technology in such field in order to develop energy-saving, environmental protection industry and to improve the ecological environment. Second, we shall work together to create selected trans-border tourist itineraries and brands; improve tourist services to provide more convenient conditions for tourists from both sides. Third, we shall make good use of Shaanxi’s location advantages to further cooperation in modern service industries such as logistics and finance so that both parties can share the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road initiative.

Both parties agreed that the friendship between Shaanxi and Kyoto has developed for generations and has become a model for the exchanges between Chinese and Japanese local governments. Shaanxi and Kyoto will have more extensive cooperation in such fields as industrial investment, economy and trade as well as urban construction to make positive contributions to the friendship between peoples of the two countries.

Fang Weifeng, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Baowen, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Zhang Jianguo, Vice Chairman of Shaanxi People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, etc. were also present at the above activities.

Yu Zhengsheng meeting with respresentatives to the Forum

Tang Jiaxuan meeting with Japanese delegates

Participants wrote together calligraphy work “To see a thousand miles further, you have to ascend another story”

Shaanxi Governor Lou Qinjian Meeting with Kyoto Governor Yamada Keiji in Beijing

(From the fifth left to the right) Governor Lou Qinjian, Mr. Zhang Baowen, Mr. Fang Weifeng, Mr. Zhang Jianguo taking photo with Yamada Keiji

Governor Lou Qinjian (Center Front) Attending the Opening Ceremony

Governor Lou Qinjian Making Speech on the Forum

Zhang Baowen (2nd Right), Fang Weifeng (Right) Attending the Forum

Yasuo Fukuda Making Keynote Speed on the Forum

Group Photo of Participants