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Engaging in the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Further Opening to the West

Date:2018-04-12 16:35

On April 9, the first SCO People's Forum, organized by China NGO Network for International Exchange and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, sponsored by Shaanxi Foreign Affairs Office (FAO), opens in Xi’an. In an exclusive interview with Shaanxi Network, Madam Yao Hongjuan, Director General of Shaanxi FAO, talked on the significance of the forum held in Xi’an and Shaanxi’s role in the SCO framework.

Shaanxi Network is having an exclusive interview with Yao Hongjuan.

Yaosaid in the interview that Shaanxi highly appreciatesChina NGO Network for International Exchange for its choice of hosting the first SCO People's Forum in Shaanxi. It is the recognition of Shaanxi’s unique position, resources and the trust in Shaanxi FAO. In the eyes of Yao, the forum is a great opportunity for Shaanxi to flex its muscles and moreover, a chance for Shaanxi NGO to engage in exchanges with the country and the world at large.

Government Dialogue

Government dialogue is to work with the local governments of SCO member states, and translate SCO outcomes into practical deeds. Increasing local government dialogues, and dedicating to the improvement of SCO member states relationship.


Serving as the bridge, “Belt and Road” initiative facilitates practical cooperation among SCO member states. Shaanxi, by giving full play to its role, is developing "hub model" economy, portal economy and flow economy, providing new opportunities to enterprises. On May 11, the 3rdSilk Road International Expo will be held in Xi’an, we welcome chamber of commerce and enterprises from various countries come to seek business opportunities.

Non-governmental Exchange

Through non-governmental exchange, attendees aim to implement outcomes of the forum. By taking Shaanxi’s advantage of rich cultural and tourist resources, and through various channels, we endeavor to promote people-to-people exchanges among member states of SCO, increase mutual understanding and consolidate the basis for friendship.


On the existing basis, we endeavor to establish more sister state and sister city relationships with the local governments of SCO member states, increase high level reciprocal visits, people-to-people exchanges and enhance relationship via frequent exchanges, and finally achieve win-win outcomes.