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Lifting Villagers out of Poverty by Joining Hands with Company

Date:2017-07-26 16:14

On June 8th, 2017, a ceremony was held in Wentong Village, Shaanxi FAO’s partner village for poverty alleviation for the unveiling of the Designated Planting Base for “”Belt and Road” Agriculture and Food Trading Platform, Huanmei Tianxia Planting and Animal Farming Cooperative of Yangxian County and the Party Branch and committee of Wentong Village(which has just been renamed) and for the signing of agreements on organic food planting base. Mr. Li Xikui, member of the party group and Secretary General of China Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Deputy Secretary General of Shaanxi Provincial Government and member of the party group and executive vice president of Shaanxi Provincial Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries attended the ceremony and made remarks.

Since pairing up with Wentong Village(previously known as Guhunmiao Village) in 2011, Shaanxi FAO has been implementing the requirements of the central government, provincial CPC committee, and provincial government on targeted poverty alleviation by integrating and bringing into full play its resources in and connections with foreign countries, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau and of the friendship association to improve the poverty alleviation system. Over 6.26 million RMB has been put into reducing poverty under FAO coordination to upgrade public services and infrastructure construction. Efforts were also made to improve the cultural identify of the partner village by renaming it. Special efforts were made in reducing poverty through developing industries. Under the introduction of FAO, Beijing Grand World Investment Holdings Group, council member of China Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries decided to build a base for planting organic food and creating ecological, organic and green brands with Cooperation Agreement on Base for Organic Planting signed. A slate of effective poverty reduction measures have been taken to improve the incomes of local villagers based on the real local situations by focusing on tapping into the local advantages.


Unveiling ceremony


Signing Ceremony


Inauguration ceremony of standardized plant of the planting base