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Office Lineup

Structure of Organization

1. The Secretariat

The Secretariat's major functions are to: handle administrative work of the Office; supervise and examine the implementation of working procedures; organize important meetings and supervise the realization of meeting results; provide secretary service, keep official documents and archives, and promote office automation; draft important files, and process administrative and confidential information; receive complaint letters and visits; prepare statistic reports; receive domestic guests; coordinate foreign and overseas Chinese affairs in cities, districts, and counties in Shaanxi Province; conduct surveys on foreign and overseas Chinese affairs so as to formulate related policies, laws and regulations; and prepare financial statements for the Office, and manage the Office's assets.

Chief: Zhang Fan Phone: 63917230

2. The Protocol Department

The Protocol Department's major functions are to: organize and receive visits to Shaanxi by state guests, party guests, and other distinguished foreign guests, and also prepare for foreign affairs participated by leaders the CPC Shaanxi Committee, Shaanxi People's Congress, the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, and Shaanxi People's Political Consultative Conference; organize visits abroad which are instructed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Department of Central Committee of CPC, and other state or CPC organs; provide guidance on protocols used in all foreign affairs in Shaanxi Province.

Chief: Huang Baozhong Phone: 63917355

3.The Authorization Department for Foreign Affairs

4. The major functions of the Authorization Department for Foreign Affairs are to: coordinate and provide guidance on foreign affairs involving provincial departments (media departments excluded), including the reception of foreign guests; examine and approve reports on foreign affairs by provincial departments; organize foreign affairs that need the participation of provincial leaders; cooperate with related units on port issues; receive the foreign guests to Shaanxi invited by units of the Central Government when those units have no equivalents in Shaanxi Province; handle the procedures for visits of foreigners to Shaanxi who are invited by provincial departments or state-run universities located in Shaanxi; provide consul service, and handle issues involving foreign experts as well as foreigners in "Sanzi Enterprises" (three types of foreign-funded enterprises, namely, Sino-foreign equity joint ventures, Sino-foreign contractual joint ventures, and wholly foreign owned enterprises) in Shaanxi; examine and verify the qualification of educational institutions to employ foreign experts.

Chief: Huang Yong Phone: 63917247

4. The Department of Consular Affairs

The major functions of the Department of Consular Affairs are to: implement the policies and guidelines on consular and overseas Chinese affairs by the Central Government; provide ordinary administration of foreign consulates and other official/semi-official institutions located in Shaanxi; offer legalization service by embassy or consulate for official and private trips abroad; assist in handling major events in foreign countries that involve Shaanxi citizens, and provide consular protection; assist in handling criminal cases that occur in embassy zones in Shaanxi or involve foreigners in Shaanxi; and fulfill other assignments entrusted by superior leaders.

Chief: Yang Baiqi Phone: 63917252

5.The Administration of Visits Abroad

The major functions of the Administration of Visits Abroad are to: draft detailed rules to govern official trips abroad by Shaanxi citizens; examine and verify within its authorization the files needed for official trips abroad, and report visits abroad by provincial leaders to superior authorization; prepare passports, visas, and pass checks for government personnel's official trips abroad (including Hong Kong and Macao), and prepare the service visas or extend their visas for foreigners to Shaanxi on invitation; offer ligalization service by embassy or consulate; help training persons who are going on official trip abroad.

Chief: Gao JinXiao Phone: 82487397

6.The Information Office

The Information Office's major functions are to: examine, verify and manage foreign media personnel's news-gathering activities in Shaanxi, and issue together with related government agencies the authorization to foreigners' activities in non-open areas of Shaanxi; publicize Shaanxi to foreign countries, and provide such materials; provide guidance on foreign affairs to provincial media institutions.

Chief: Guan Baiping Phone: 63917255

7.The Department of Overseas Chinese Affairs

The major functions of the Department of Overseas Chinese Affairs are to: implement policies, guidelines, laws and regulations on overseas Chinese affairs, and provide relevant supervision and examination; draft local laws and regulations of Shaanxi on overseas Chinese affairs; cooperate with related government units to help returned overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong or Macao to settle down in Shaanxi; provide to city and district governments the guidance on poverty alleviation for returned overseas Chinese, compatriots from Hong Kong or Macao, and their domestic relatives, protect the lawful rights and interests of overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese, and their domestic relatives; conduct surveys on the status of overseas Chinese in Shaanxi, and handle their complaint letters and visits; register the overseas Chinese who are going to take the national entrance examination for college.

Chief: Li Ming Phone: 63917257

8. The Department for Economic Liaison

The major function of the Department for Economic Liaison are to: receive delegations of overseas Chinese, foreigners of Chinese origin, and compatriots from Hong Kong or Macao; organize friendly exchange, conduct surveys on the status of overseas Chinese in Shaanxi, and assist related government units in attracting investment of capital, technology, and talented persons in Shaanxi; cooperate with related government units on Taiwan affairs through the channel of overseas Chinese; support the business in Shaanxi owned by overseas Chinese, and handle their public contribution and donation.

Chief: Wei JianBo Phone: 63917259

9.The Department of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs

The major functions of the Department of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs are to: organize major activities and official talks between Shaanxi and Hong Kong or Macao; provide guidance to provincial departments on talks with their Hong Kong or Macao counterparts; organize official exchanges between provincial/municipal departments of Shaanxi and Hong Kong or Macao; examine and verify the documents needed for official trips to Hong Kong or Macao by government personnel of Shaanxi; handle major and emergency events that involves Hong Kong or Macao;handle the donations from Hong Kong and Macao; contact official delegations and important non-official delegations from Hong Kong and Macao, and prepare for their visits; fulfill other assignments involving Hong Kong and Macao affairs that are entrusted by Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and provincial leaders of Shaanxi.

Chief: Wang Bin Phone: 63917262

10.The Liaison Department

The Liaison Department's major functions are to: contact for daily work the associations for friendship with foreign countries located in other provinces, cities, and districts; coordinate ordinary reception of foreign guests in the name of Shaanxi People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; and draft, send, and keep ordinary official documents.

Deputy Chief:Liu SuPing Phone: 63917271

11.The Department of "Friendly Cities" Affairs

The major functions of the Department of "Friendly Cities" Affairs are to: provide centralized management of "Friendly Cities" affairs within Shaanxi Province, and draft work schedules in this regard; plan for exchanges and cooperation between Shaanxi cities and their "Friendly Cities" abroad, and supervise the implementation of the plan; collect information on governmental and non-governmental economic cooperation between "Friendly Cities", with an aim to explore substantial exchanges and cooperation projects; organize official delegations from "Friendly Cities" in Shaanxi to visit foreign cities, and receive their counterparts from abroad; receive government delegations from foreign "Friendly Cities" of Shaanxi cities or cities of other provinces.

Deputy Chief: Gu Xuanhong Phone: 63917275

12. The Department of Friendly Exchanges

The major functions of the Department of Friendly Exchanges are to: organize exchanges between Shaanxi Province and friendly organizations and personages from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan; receive foreign delegations invited by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, similar associations of other provinces, and Shaanxi People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; organize Shaanxi delegations to visit abroad; conduct ordinary liaison with friendly international personages permanently residing in Shaanxi, and offer related services and exchanges; organize friendly non-governmental exchanges with foreign countries in politics, economy, science and technology, culture, and talented persons; support official diplomatic activities and commemorations; promote non-governmental cultural exchanges with foreign countries; and enhance name recognition of Shaanxi in the world by introducing it to friendly foreign organizations and personages, visiting foreign guests, and outgoing Shaanxi delegations organized by Shaanxi People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Chief: Mi Hongle Phone: 63917280

13. The Human Resources Department andThe Service for Retired Personnel

The Human Resources Department's major functions are to: handle issues involving administrative establishment of the Office, personnel matters, salary, and political examination on officials going abroad; issue appointment of posts for party construction; examine, select, appoint and remove, and reward and punish working staffs; select the persons who are temporarily transferred to Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries as requested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs; offer educational and training programs to leaders; launch ideological and political work, and build spiritual civilization; take charge of the daily security of the Office as well as the implementation of family-control policy within its members.

Chief: Cao Hui Phone: 63917283

14. Office Service Center

Phone: 63917291

15.Party Committee of the Office

Phone: 63917288

16. Supervision Office

Phone: 63917289